Activitext Inc.

Activitext Inc. focuses on providing the content, the on-line social environment, and the tools to create a new classroom learning paradigm. Our flagship product, Activitext, revolutionizes textbooks, workbooks, and any form of curricular material, and merges them with a virtual classroom, creating a learning environment without walls or limits.

The Textbook Redefined

An Activitext begins with the course material: a textbook, a workbook, or a teacher’s own worksheets and readings.  In addition to text and graphics, an Activitext can present audio and video, follow hyperlinks, and can employ any of the multimedia capabilities of a tablet or a computer-based browser. 

However, students are not just passive readers; an Activitext is a book that has come to life.  Students and teachers can add highlights and limitless notes, and even place new components into the text, like wiki pages, graphics, and YouTube videos. 

The Classroom Redefined

Activitext is not just an active textbook; it is a virtual classroom, a social and educational network connecting students with teachers and classmates.  Everything is shareable within an Activitext-based community.  Students can share notes and highlights, work in pairs or groups, and chat in real time.  Teachers can assign homework; students can do their assignments together in class, help each other with homework, and save their work directly into the Activitext.  Teachers can then access it and evaluate it.  The possibilities for collaborative learning are unlimited, in or out of the physical classroom.

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