Activitext Inc.

Threw a big, life-changing party? Never again will you have to spend a week writing thank-you notes, surrounded by unidentifiable crystal items that have been separated from their cards. Re:Gifter tracks your gifts, allowing you to make the whole process quick, efficient, and easy. Photograph your gift with your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, and Re:Gifter will simplify your life by sorting your gifts by event and giver, providing templates for thank-you notes, and even transmitting them via e-mail. No longer do new brides and grooms have to spend the days after their honeymoon held hostage by a mother-in-law with a list of her friends who contributed sale-at-Macy's cake plates! Never again will a bored kid have to scrawl, "Thanks for your gift, it was great" for four hours, clearly oblivious as to whom he is thanking or what he is thankful for! No more graduates delaying their thank-yous until their parents withhold tuition payments!

Each gift is photographed as it comes in, and immediately assigned to an event and a gifter, pulled straight from your contacts or entered at that time. Gifts can be sorted and viewed by event (for example, My Third Wedding, Taylor's Eleventh Birthday Party, Graduation From Beauty School) or by gifter (for example, Aunt Sylvia, Oprah Winfrey, Grandma's Creepy Boyfriend). Once a gift has been entered, Re:Gifter will allow you to build your own unique thank-you note from text and photo blocks, or offer you a selection of original thank-you note styles. You may choose to add a photograph of the gift and/or yourself, or of the giver. Press "send" to automatically transmit the thank-you note. Each gift will then be automatically noted as thanked or unthanked, and stored for future reference (or proof).

  • Press "Send" or print.
  • Compose thank you text with all details of gift and gifter visible on screen
  • Build your own thank-you note with easy-to-use, interchangeable text and photo blocks, or choose a pre-existing template
  • Sort by event, by gifter, or by thank-you status
  • Photograph gift on iPad, iPod, iPhone
  • Add gifter from existing contacts, or enter new gifter  Create event